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Top 5 Universities in the UK for Business & Management Studies

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 06, 2020, 01:01 am

Thinking about studying business, economics, management studies or human resource management in the UK, but not sure where to go? We at Afterschool.my are here to help you choose the right institution to pursue your studies abroad. 

Business & Management Studies

A degree in Business and Management Studies almost always leads to a good career in pretty much any industry. As administrative, financial and marketing skills are crucial to an organisation’s growth, graduating with a business degree in the United Kingdom, the 5th largest economy in the world, will certainly secure your career in the future. 

According to The Complete University Guide 2018, here are the top five UK universities for pursuing business and management studies: 

1. University of St. Andrews

University of St. AndrewsImage via Times Higher Education

The University of St. Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland. Behind the Oxbridge giants (University of Oxford and University of Cambridge), the University of St. Andrews is often ranked the third best university in the whole of United Kingdom. The university’s School of Management has consistently been ranked #1 by The Complete University Guide for the past 11 years.

*Fun fact: HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge met Kate Middleton while they were both studying at this very university!

The University of St. Andrews provides a range of courses in the School of Management at undergraduate and postgraduate level, such as Economics, Financial Economics, Statistics, Management, and Management Science.

The School of Management at the University of St. Andrews emphasises ‘responsible enterprise’, aiming to produce graduates who prioritise an ethical approach to managing within future organisations.

Annual fees for international students are approximately RM113,100 (£21,290).

2. King's College London

King's College LondonImage via ‘King’s College London’ by Happy Traveler

With five campuses spread throughout central London, King’s College London is a city centre based institution near the River Thames between Westminster and London Bridge. It is ranked second in the UK for Undergraduate Business and Management Studies by The Complete University Guide and first in London.

*Fun fact: The Maughan Library at King’s College London has a 12-sided dodecagonal ‘Round Reading Room’, inspired by the same one in the British Museum!

The management courses offered by King’s Business School at King’s College London explore modern business and organisational management theory and practice. Some of the courses offered by the School include Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Economics, International Management, as well as a range of electives in languages. The School also offers Digital Marketing, Corporate Finance, and Human Resource Management at postgraduate level.

Annual fees for international students range from RM127,000 to RM150,000 (£23,900 – £27,150).

3. University of Warwick

University of WarwickImage via The Boar

The University of Warwick is a fairly modern university compared to the previous two mentioned, as it was established in the 1960s. It prides itself on being one of the most sought-after universities by employers in the UK as well as in the top 20 best universities based on employer reputation.

*Fun fact: The University of Warwick has developed a Formula 3 racing car powered by chocolate, with a bodywork made from potatoes!

The Warwick Business School emphasises on a cosmopolitan outlook and transformative research as the foundation of their business and management studies, singling them out as one of the most prestigious and highly selective business schools in the world. Many of its alumni from the Warwick Business School have held or are currently holding positions in corporate, governmental and academic institutions worldwide. Its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme has been ranked 18th best in the world by The Economist.

Undergraduate courses offered by the Warwick Business School include Accounting & Finance, Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Business and International Management. On top of postgraduate specialisations, the flagship of their business programme is their full-time, one-year MBA course.

Annual fees for international students are approximately RM118,300 (£22,260).

4. University of Bath

University of BathImage via The Telegraph

Located in the south of England, the University of Bath is located in the rich cultural city of Bath, one of the only three cities in the world to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is well-known for its management programmes and is ranked 5th best university in the UK according to the Guardian. A modern university like the University of Warwick, the University of Bath School of Management is also regarded as one of the most prestigious business schools worldwide. The university is a member of the Association of MBAs recognising international business schools all over the world.

*Fun fact: The University of Bath has a real live owl among its faculty, Professor Yoda, that’s used to ‘unsettle seagulls’!

The University of Bath School of Management offers a range of courses at the undergraduate level under the departments of Accounting and Finance and Business and Management. The University of Bath also offers the MBA as its flagship programme, both as a full-time course or an executive part-time course. The Bath MBA is ranked in the top 10 in the UK.

Annual fees for international students range from RM95,000 to RM130,000 (£17,700 – £24,500) for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and approximately RM200,000 (£37,500) for the MBA programme.

5. Loughborough University

Loughborough UniversityImage via Loughborough University

Loughborough University is based in the heart of the UK and has been regarded as the UK’s largest single site green campus with plenty of open space and gardens as well as being very close to fantastic countryside. Ranked 6th in the UK for Business Studies by Times Good University Guide, the Loughborough University School of Business and Economics offers a variety of courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

*Fun fact: Only 60% of the Loughborough University campus has been built on. The other 40% of the land is tenant farmed, and is home to the busy Loughborough bees!

It also has a flagship MBA programme, The Loughborough MBA, which has developed close links with over 400 international corporate partners, thus enabling students to benefit from commercially-relevant teaching and applying what they have learned to the workplace.

The courses offered at the undergraduate level cover Accounting and Financial Management, Banking and Finance, Retailing and Marketing, and International Economics.

Annual fees for international students range from RM93,000 to RM143,500 (£17,500 – £27,000).


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