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How Much Does It Cost to Study in Europe?

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 28, 2016, 12:41 pm

Thinking about studying in Europe? Do you know how much it’s going to cost? Well, read on to find out .




Do you know that the famous film,  “The Sound of Music” was filmed in Austria?

Average tuition

USD 780 (RM 3,500) per year

Average living costs

USD 11,000 – 13,000 (MYR 45,000 – RM 58,000)

Why study here ?

  • Fees of around USD 400 per semester
  • Student union membership fee of USD 20 per semester
  • Home of Arnold Schwarzenegger !




Where else in the world can you get amazing Belgium chocolates? Belgium of course!

Average tuition

USD 960 – 4,820 (RM 4,300) per year

Average living costs

USD 11,050 – 12,300 (RM 49,500 – RM55,100) per year

Why study here?

  • Well-respected universities
  • Great opportunities for international networking
  • Attractive countryside
  • High quality of life (Belgium chocolate!)




If you can’t speak Danish, that’s fine. Most of the locals in Denmark can speak English very well

Average tuition

USD 6,500 – 17,350 (RM 29,100 – 77,700) per year

Average living costs 

USD 12, 200 (RM 54,660) per year

Why study here?

  • Affordable
  • Over 600 internationally recognized programmes taught in English
  • 86 % of residents there speak English!




Finland has beautiful landscapes during winter. Just don’t forget to watch the Northern Lights!

Average tuition  

Minimum if USD 1,600 (RM 7,170) per year

Average living costs 

USD 10,400 (RM 46,650) per year

Why study here?

  • Cheaper than other Nordic countries
  • Numerous things to do:
    • Photograph a moose!
    • Sit down for a meal of reindeer (Just try to not think about Rudolph)
    • Go skiing
  • Country boasts an extremely high quality of life



France is known for its grand architecture such as the Palace of Versailles and works of art from Claude Monet to the Mona Lisa

Average tuition 

USD 200 (RM 900) – Undergraduate, USD 280 (RM 1,250) – Master’s, USD 425 (RM 1, 900) – Doctoral, per year

Average living costs 

USD 10, 500 per year

Why study here?

  • Same tuition fees for domestic and international students
  • Paris has been named the No.1 student city, four times running
  • Maybe, gain a cool French accent.




Germany is famous for its Berlin Wall and Oktoberfest

Average tuition 

Free! (For all students at undergraduate and PhD levels), USD 10,800 (RM 48,440) per semester for most non-consecutive master’s programmes. (You’ll need to learn German though, as most courses there are in the language)

Average living costs 

USD 8,700 (RM 39,000) per year

Why study here?

  • World class universities and high quality of life
  • Undergraduate programmes free for all students at public universities
  • PhD programmes are free for at least the first 6 semesters.




Ireland is the country where wearing green makes you lucky and finding a four leaf clover

Average tuition  

USD 10,800 (RM 48,400) – Undergraduate, USD 11,400 (RM 51,530) – Doctoral, per year

Average living costs 

USD 7,500 – 12,870 (RM 33,640 – RM 57,730) per year

Why study here?

  • Varied selection of higher education institutions
  • Historic cities, Beautiful countryside
  • Unique culture (Just look at Conor McGregor)




Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and is home to famous people such asGalileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci

Average tuition  

USD 920 – 1,100 (RM 4,120 – RM 4,930) – Undergraduate, USD 1,600 (RM 7,170) – Postgraduate, per year

Average living costs 

USD 15,600 (RM 69,960) per year

Why study here?

  • Public universities are cheap
  • International students are eligible for the same scholarships and grants as locals
  • Italian food! (It’s just called food here, though)




With its amazing landscape and northern lights, there’s also more to Norway than just free higher education

Average tuition 

Free for all at public universities (A few exceptions in specialized programmes)

Average living costs 

USD 13,600 (RM 61,000) per year

Why study here?

  • One of the best countries in the world
  • Unique culture


10. Russia


Russia is the largest country in the world

Average tuition  

USD 3,900-7,700 (RM 17,490 – RM 34,430) per year

Average living costs 

USD 7,920 – 9,120 (RM 35,530 – RM 40,900) per year

Why study here?

  • Living costs are low (The exception being Moscow, which is the opposite)
  • Full of interesting cultural, historic and natural settings to explore
  • You may get to see Vladimir Putin wrestle a bear




Spanish is widely spoken in the USA and in South America. Therefore, it is one of the world’s most spoken languages

Average tuition  

USD 1,200 (RM 5,382) – Undergraduate, USD 1,430 – 1,620(RM 6,400 – RM 7,260) – Postgraduate, per year

Average living costs 

USD 11,800 – 14,400 (RM 52, 920 – RM 64,580) per year

Why study here?

  • Learn Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken languages
  • Good universities, attractive lifestyle
  • Valencia ranked among the top 10 cities for affordability
  • Maybe visit a football stadium, or two.




Are you a fan of the famous YouTuber, PewDiePie and IKEA’s meatballs? Do you know they are from Sweden?

Average tuition:  10,500-17,500 (RM 47,100 – RM 78, 480) per year

Average living costs: USD 11,200 (RM 50,230) per year

Why study here?

  • PhD programs are fully funded, for exceptional candidates.
  • Unique culture




If you want to take a break from your studies, Switzerland is a great place to go skiing

Average tuition:  USD 1,250-2,200 (RM 5,600 – RM 9,860) per year

Average living costs: USD 17,750-27,600 (RM 79,600 – RM 123,730) per year

Why study here?

  • Home to ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institue of Technology (Top 10 of QS World University Rankings)
  • Home to other top universities
  • Tuition fees are reasonable
  • Swiss cheese


14.The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to Vincent van Gogh,  a painter who is known for his self-portrait paintings 

Average tuition  

USD 6,500-13,000 (RM 29,140 – RM 58,200) – Bachelor’s, USD 8,670-21,660 (RM 38,800 – RM 97,100) – Postgraduate, per year

Average living costs

USD 10,400 – 14,300 (RM 46,600 – RM 64,100) per year

Why study here?

  • Tolerant and liberal ethos
  • Boasts a wealth of great student cities
  • Travel by bicycle (the nation’s preferred mode of transportation)


15.United Kingdom

United Kingdom

What good place is there to study than in Jolly old Britain! Britain has one of the world’s best universities such as the University of Oxford and Cambridge

Average tuition 

USD 17,000 (RM 76,200) per year

Average living costs 

USD 17,060 (RM 76,470) per year

Why study here?

  • Good universities
  • Modern city (Although cost of living is high)
  • Tea and biscuits!

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