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UK Branch Campuses vs. UK Twinning Programmes

UK Branch Campuses vs. UK Twinning Programmes

UK Branch Campuses in Malaysia Apr 19, 2018

NA Jan 01, 1970

NA Jan 01, 1970

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Frequently asked questions

What is a UK Branch campus?

A branch campus is an institution which is erected by the home campus in a foreign country. A UK branch campus is when a UK university establishes a campus on foreign soil.

What type of degree will I be conferred at a UK branch campus?

The branch campus usually confers the same degrees, and teach the same syllabus found at the home campus.

Will I get to go to the UK for any duration during my course?

Most UK universities that set up branch campuses allow students to study at any of their campuses for a semester, a year, or even longer, on the condition they obtain the necessary grades. This varies, depending on the institution.

Do the UK branch campuses in Malaysia offer scholarships?

Yes, UK branch campuses in Malaysia do offer scholarships.


University of Southampton Malaysia Campus Scholarships   

  • Top Achiever Scholarship: 100% scholarship

  • Exceptional Achiever Scholarship: 60% scholarships are awarded to all students achieving a minimum of 3A* in A-levels or equivalent

  • High Achiever Scholarship: 25% scholarships are awarded to all students achieving A*A*A in A levels or equivalent

  • Transition Bursaries: 20 per cent scholarships are awarded to all students who successfully progress from Year 2 at our Malaysia Campus to Years 3 and 4 at our Southampton Campus.


Heriot Watt University Malaysia Campus Scholarships   

  • High Achiever's Scholarships to Foundation

  • High Achiever's Scholarships to Undergraduate

  • Financial Hardship Scholarships

  • Petroleum Engineering Scholarship

  • Heriot-Watt Alumni Waiver


Heriot Watt University Malaysia Campus Scholarships   

  • High Achievers Scholarship

  • Dean’s Excellence Scholarships

  • Alumni Scholarship

  • Family Scholarship- Children of Alumniip

  • Family Scholarship- Sibling Scholarship

  • Family Scholarship- Spouse Scholarship All Automatic

  • Alumni of universitas 21(U21) Institutions Scholarship

  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Taught Postgraduate Scholarship

  • Sin Chew Daily Education Fund Malaysian

  • The Star Education Fund

  • Dell Malaysia Scholarship Award

  • MyBrain15

  • Loh & Loh Corporation Bhd

  • Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards


University of Reading Malaysia   

  • Provost's Award: This scholarship offers a 100% discount off the fees usually charged

  • High Achiever's Scholarship: This scholarship offers discounts of up to 30% off.

Why should I study at a UK branch campus?

Students can study at a UK university, while staying in Malaysia, which is the best of both worlds. Students will essentially earn a UK degree, while having to cover the usual living costs in Malaysia, making it much more affordable to obtain a degree from a UK university. Students will also be taught the same syllabus and enjoy the resources a UK branch campus will receive from their main campus, including student exchange programme opportunities, allowing a student to study overseas for a fixed amount of time.