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Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 11, 2016, 02:25 pm

“Studying Abroad: Are we worth it?” reads the title of an article published in (aptly named) “Voices from Abroad” – a student-run publication.


Having recently released their second issue on the theme of “Vision 2020”, the team behind Voices from Abroad aims to “document diverse opinions and beliefs of Malaysian students here in the United States on matters of Malaysia’s national interest.”

With articles like “Brain Drain Trends” and the analysis of Malaysia’s performance in regards to the nine strategic challenges outlined for vision 2020, Voices from Abroad gives readers some insight into the generation of tomorrow.

Mohammad Fareed, editor of Voices from Abroad, outlined a few reasons for why Voices from Abroad was established:

  1. To encourage Malaysian students in the United States to think critically on matters of national interest.
  2. A platform to unify and document diverse opinions, stances and beliefs that are worthy of consideration.
  3. We believe students are the future leaders of Malaysia, their voices today would be the decision of tomorrow.
  4. To hone students’ thought process in dealing with vital issues and to help them develop mature standpoints.

For those who want to get a copy of Voices from Abroad, the publication is free to download and available on their Facebook page.

But for those who know it will get lost in a mound of other things you’ve been meaning to read, Malaysiakini will be featuring a few articles on our education site over the coming months. Stay tuned!



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