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Your Guide to UK Twinning Programmes in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 08, 2017, 05:44 am

Being a student can be an extremely scary experience, mainly because, it’s all just so gosh darn confusing. Simplifying such a crucial period in one’s life into a few words may seem difficult, but if one common theme could be agreed upon by most, it’s the confusion students face with the decisions they make. What to study? Where to study? With more and more options creeping up to be at their disposal, this issue is only amplified further as the days go by. One such option students have is a Twinning Programme. Today, we’ll explore everything there is to know about this rather popular option, from what it is, to the universities that offer them, and everything in between.

What is a Twinning Programme?

While there are fancier definitions that adhere to the purists out there, a simple definition would be that a twinning programme is essentially where two universities team up and pool together, giving you two degrees upon graduation. While courses of the past would be denoted with numbers such as 2+1, 2+2 (with the first digit being the number of years you spend in Malaysia, and the second digit the number of years you spend Overseas), these days, 3+0 is all the rage. Essentially, you never leave the country, and spend the entire duration of your course in Malaysia, but still get TWO degrees.

What are the advantages of Twinning Programmes in Malaysia?


Let’s address the elephant in the room: tertiary education isn’t cheap. Students often look for new methods, alternative routes and scholarships to but the costs of what they consider to be their dream university/course. Twinning programmes asserts itself as a huge opportunity for students worried about their economic situation. 3+0 programmes give you all the bell whistles of an international degree, without having to worry about fluctuating currency conversion rates, worrisome costs of living, and above all, course fees. The savings are tremendous. A 3+0 course in Malaysia with accreditation from a UK university would run your around RM26,000 annually, versus around RM80,000 a year for a university in the UK itself


Sure, studying overseas can broaden one’s horizons, helps break down their walls and discover themselves. For students who would very much prefer to do the exact same thing, but closer to home, then this is the option for them. With the contribution from the foreign partner university, syllabi will be modified accordingly, allowing students to explore their interests by taking up less common subjects, persuading them into moving out of their respective comfort zones while staying in it at the same time; a combination unlike any other.

Local and International Recognition


The debate between the quality of local and foreign graduates will be shouted from the rooftops till the cows come home, such is the subjectivity of the matter. For those who wish to be more pragmatic however, the twinning programme serves as a sweet spot between the two. You’ll be a foreign graduate. You’ll be a local graduate. You’ll be both, something with like to call a focal graduate, a student who know their goal and takes the smartest option to see it materialise.

How Much Would a 3+0 Twinning Programme in Malaysia Cost?

For a Bachelor’s Degree programme, it varies depending on your chosen course, but a safe estimate would be RM50,000.00, and that’s NOT annually, but rather the entire course. The big savings however, come in the form of living expenses. This is much more difficult to quantify, as it varies from person to person. Whether you’re thrifty or a big spender, odds are favourable that you’ll save a tonne with the familiar living expenses you’re used to. And hey, if you’ve overspent, there’s the age-old traditions on surviving on Maggi Cup until you’re allowance kicks in at the end of the month!

Where are 3+0 Twinning Programmes Offered in Malaysia?

First City University College


Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge)

Sheffield Hallam University

Nottingham Trent University



Business & Marketing


Computer Network

Graphics Design

Software Engineering

INTI International University



University of Bradford

University of Hertfordshire

Northwood University






Mass Communication


Business Administration

Taylor’s University



Northumbria University

University of West England

University of Toulouse Le Mirail


Graphic Design

Interior Architecture


Computer Science

Hospitality & Tourism

Brickfields Asia College


Aberystwyth University

University of London








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