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UK Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Scholarships Offered by UK Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 18, 2018, 08:40 am

As the quest for quality education reaches fever pitch among those who strive for the very best against a backdrop of increasing competition, one choice is slowly emerging as the go-to option for these determined individuals– branch campuses. With many overseas names from countries such as China and Australia deciding to put down roots on Malaysian soil, perhaps none have caused as much excitement as those from the UK. As price is usually a sticking point for many, in-house branch campus scholarships provide students who cannot afford the tuition an avenue to gain admission. Scroll down below, and you may just find something that would finally enable to sign up for a branch campus.

University of Southampton Malaysia Campus

One of the leading universities in the field of engineering in the UK, this university has brought their expertise to Malaysia by offering a very niche experience and education skills.

Location: EduCity, Johor


  • Top Achiever Scholarships

Offered to students who score 9A* and above in SPM/O-level or the equivalent, with up 100% off tuition

  • High Achiever Scholarship

For students with at least 5As, with reductions ranging from 10-50%

  • Dean's Progression Scholarships

Offered to students who successfully move to an undergraduate programme at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, with discounts ranging from 10-100%

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

The University of Nottingham Malaysia is one of the top UK universities and offers a variety of undergraduate courses as well as a range of postgraduate programmes in various fields.

Location: Nottingham University Malaysia is located in Semenyih, Selangor


  • High Achievers Scholarship

Nottingham University’s High Achievers’ Scholarships (HAS) are available are offered to all academically-qualified students who are applying for entry into their foundation and undergraduate courses at the university.

  • The Dean’s Excellence Scholarships (DES)

The Dean’s Excellence Scholarships is awarded to top achieving students and amounts to a 25% fee reduction.

  • Alumni Scholarship

Alumni who register at the University on full-time award bearing programmes, after spending a period away from the University, are entitled to a scholarship of 10% of the first year's tuition fee.

University of Reading Malaysia

The University of Reading is a world-renowned institution in the fields of finance, business, management and other fields. The university’s branch in Malaysia has attracted over 5000 students from all over the world.


  • Provost’s Award

This scholarship offers the very best, high achieving students the equivalent of a 100% discount on fees. A small number of awards will be available at each intake for students applying to Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes.

  • High Achiever's Scholarship

Students who demonstrate exemplary academic ability and results will automatically receive this scholarship. Discounts of up to 30% off Year 1 tuition fees are available, depending on the level of achievement

  • Automatic Scholarships

The University awards automatic scholarships in two categories:

  • Alumni Scholarships for children of alumni (10% scholarship)

Family Scholarships for immediate family members of University staff members (15% scholarship).

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Campus

Ranked at 13th best institution in the UK and 2nd in Scotland, this institution offers courses in the fields of engineering, business and management among other fields.Location: Located at the center of the beautiful city of Putrajaya, surrounded by an ample of facilities the best public transportation system in the country.


  • High Achiever's Scholarships to Foundation

Up to 35% off dependent on SPM/O-Level results

  • High Achiever's Scholarships to Undergraduate

Up to 35% off dependent on A-Levels/STPM/IB/Foundation/UEC/CPU/ATAR/Matriculation/Diploma results

  • Financial Hardship Scholarships

These scholarships that comes with a fee waiver of 50% or 100% off total tuition for foundation and undergraduate programmes are aimed at academically gifted students who have proof of financial hardship. 


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