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UK Branch Campuses in Malaysia

How You Can Obtain a World-Renowned UK Degree from Right Here in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 06, 2017, 03:29 am

Give any student a chance to study overseas, and they’d bite your hand clean off. Malaysian students crave for an overseas degree, and perhaps none more so than one from the United Kingdom. The UK and’s it’s academic qualifications are unparalleled, having also been stuck with the dubious honour of being rather expensive, a major turn off for many students who simply cannot afford it. There is however a way in which you can still earn a coveted degree from the UK at a fraction of the total price, one you can obtain without ever stepping foot out of the country. No sorcery involved, we assure you. Let us introduce you to the world of branch campuses, their locations in Malaysia, and just how golden the opportunity they provide is.

What is a Branch Campus?

Back to where we started, for many who aren’t aware of what a branch campus actually is. True to its name, a branch campus is simply a university whereby one or more partnering institutions establishes a physical presence in a foreign location. Generally named after their "home" institution and offering undergraduate and graduate programmes, graduating students are conferred degrees from one or all partnering institutions. In simple terms, a branch campus is an extension of a university from overseas who set up shop in a new city, state, or country, awarding the very same degree that’s conferred to students at their main campus.

What Are the Advantages of a Branch Campus?

 The fact is we do have numerous branch campuses in Malaysia, and many more that are in the pipeline. Well, here are just a few of the notable advantages of attending a branch campus in Malaysia.

You Get a Degree from a World-Renowned University

The word ‘world renown’ is thrown around very frequently these days, often times being misused.  This however is not one of those times. The numbers speak for themselves: Monash University placed 60th in the QS World University Rankings 2018, while The University of Nottingham ranked 84th, and The University of Southampton placed 102nd. With all three of these institutions setting up branches in different parts of Malaysia, students can opt to choose any one of them, and obtain a quality education, with a prestigious degree awaiting them upon completion, an invaluable asset come job hunting season. 

More Affordable Option

Yup, studying abroad is going to be more expensive than studying in Malaysia. Students can choose to be frugal, saving money here and pinching some there, easing the financial burden on their, and their parent’s shoulders. But if money is really the unmoveable object blocking your pathway, then a branch campus could be the answer that finally nudges it out of the way. Some of them allow you to obtain your entire degree in Malaysia, allowing you to save thousands of Ringgits. Others will require you to spend a year or two here honing your foundation, before shipping overseas to finish your final year or two. Either way, your pockets will be smiling, and your degree will be no different than the one you would have got had you spent all your years abroad. Oh, and besides spending all your years locally, and spending half here and half overseas, there’s a third option that many branch campuses employ, which coincidentally, brings us to our third advantage.

Experience Different Cultures

 Yes, you get to experience the different norms and practices of other countries by studying abroad as well, but studying in a branch campus more often than not gives you options to do so. How? Well, firstly you may be able to choose if you want to go overseas or not. Then, other branch campuses go one step further, allowing students to choose which campus of theirs a student would like to study in, ranging from countries around Europe, to those in the Middle East and even closer to home in Asia. Additionally, some branch campuses will allow you to choose how long you wish to study at the chosen campus, from one semester all the way up to a year or longer.

What are the UK Branch Campuses in Malaysia?

Newcastle University

The university offers medical degrees in Malaysia in two parts. Studying the first 2 years in Malaysia is part one and move on to complete the remaining years of the medical degree program in the UK for the second part.

  • Location: Located in [email protected] in the state of Johor, an entire city dedicated to higher education.
  • Are postgraduate studies offered?: Yes

View the courses offered at NuMED – Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia


University of Nottingham

One of the UK top universities, the university of Nottingham offers over 40 undergraduate courses and a range of postgraduate programs in various fields.

  • Location: The university is located in Semenyih, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur surrounded by beautiful natural reserves, lakes and very close to one of the major metropolitan areas in Malaysia.
  • Are postgraduate studies offered?: Yes

View all courses offered at the University of Nottingham


University of Southampton

One of the leading universities in the field of engineering in the UK, this university has brought their expertise to Malaysia by offering a very niche experience and education skills.

View all courses offered at the University of Southampton


University of Reading

A world-renowned institution in the fields of finance, business, management and other fields. The university’s branch in Malaysia has attracted over 5000 students from all over the world.

View all courses offered at the University of Reading


Heriot-Watt University

Ranked the 13th best institution in the UK and 2nd in Scotland, this institution offers courses in the fields of engineering, business and management among other fields.

  • Location: Located at the center of the beautiful city of Putrajaya, surrounded by an ample of failities the best public transportation system in the country.
  • Are postgraduate studies offered?: Yes

View all courses offered at HWU


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