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Students Studying for UK Qualification Abroad Up by 5%

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 14, 2014, 03:20 pm

Nearly 600,000 students are studying for a UK higher education qualification overseas, a 4.9 per cent increase from last year.  Almost half of these students are based in Asia, and those in Malaysia and Singapore account for one-fifth of the total, according to data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

These are students studying at UK branch campuses overseas, on distance learning prorammes, or taking programmes offered by local partners validated by British universities.


A total of 353,975 students are studying for an award of a UK institution but not actually registered with them.

Of the students who are registered with a UK institution, 123,635 are on “distance, flexible or distributed learning” programmes, while 103,795 are on other types of programme, including collaborative courses.

Just 17,520 are studying at overseas branch campuses.

Of all the overseas students, around 500,000 are on undergraduate programmes, and 100,000 are postgraduates.



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