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Australian Degrees in Malaysia

Types of Australian Twinning Programmes in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on May 04, 2018, 01:50 am

Australia. The largest island in the world, and the only country that’s also a continent. Many Malaysian students are attracted to the Land Down Under, and for good reason. There are more than 10,000 beaches for you to explore and it is known for its rich nature and the animals that live within it. Why wouldn’t you want to study in Australia? Its popularity is evident in the various Australian twinning and transfer programmes provided by local private universities. 

But what are Australian twinning programmes anyway? What’s a 2+1 programme? How is it different to, say, the 1+2 programme? Don’t worry! In this article, Afterschool.my will brief you on the types of twinning programmes offered in Malaysia in detail.

What’s an Australian twinning/transfer programme?

An Australian twinning or transfer programme allow you to study in both Malaysia and Australia, by transferring your credits to the Australian university in your second or final year. You’ll be able to study in one country at a time—first in Malaysia then in Australia—and you’ll be conferred a degree from that Australian university by the end of it!

Australian twinning/transfer programmes are offered by local private universities that have formed partnerships with Australian universities such as International Medical University (IMU), INTI International University, Sunway University, Taylor’s University and HELP University. Australian universities that have established campuses here in Malaysia such as Monash University, Curtin University and Swinburne University of Technology also offer their own transfer programmes.

What are the types of Australian twinning programmes in Malaysia?

Twinning programmes offered by universities are typically denoted by digits e.g. ‘1+2’, ‘2+1’ or ‘3+0’. The digits essentially refer to the number of years you spend studying in a country.

For example, the ‘2+1’ twinning programme means that you would spend two years studying in Malaysia and one year in Australia. Therefore, the ‘3+0’ programme means that you complete all three years of your degree in Malaysia while still obtaining the qualifications of an Australian university.

Which programme is right for you?

Before making a decision on which twinning programme is best for you, let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1+2 (1 year in Malaysia + 2 years in Australia)

Select universities offer a 1+2 transfer programme where you can spend the first year studying in Malaysia and complete the rest of your degree in Australia. The credits that you accumulate in the first year of your degree and the modules covered can be transferred so that you can continue the rest your studies in Australia.

This may cost a bit more than the 2+1 or 3+0 programme as you’ll be spending a longer time in Australia, but it’s a fast-track option if you’re eager to get there! It is still definitely cheaper than doing your degree in its entirety in Australia. Though this programme requires you to study in Malaysia only for the first year, it provides a guiding hand before you set off for your independent life in Australia.

2+1 (2 years in Malaysia + 1 year in Australia)

The 2+1 programme is a popular choice among Malaysians as it gives students a chance to study at home for two years before completing the final year of their degree in Australia. If you’re thinking of studying in Australia but you want to save up first before going abroad, then you can opt for this programme. The credits that you accumulate in the first two years of your degree can be transferred so that you can continue the rest of your studies in Australia. By saving up enough cash to take with you to Australia, you can get the full experience of living there and enjoying the beaches and theme parks (while you complete your degree) instead of having to be extremely frugal.

3+0 (3 years in Malaysia + 0 years in Australia)

If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to obtain an Australian degree, you can go for the 3+0 programme. This is the least expensive option out of all the twinning programmes. The cost of the programme is between RM50,000 to RM70,000 (for the whole course!). In this programme, you’ll be completing your whole degree in Malaysia, surrounded by all the things you’re familiar with and be closer to home with your long-time friends and family. To top it all off, you’ll earn yourself a degree straight from the Australian university.

Why should you choose to do a twinning/transfer programme?

For those of you who may feel that you’re not ready to move halfway across the world for their entire degree, then a twinning/transfer programme can be a good alternative. Twinning programmes appeal to many students because of their affordability. You can get the same type of education that you would in Australia right here in Malaysia, and at a considerably cheaper price too. The cost of studying in a top Australian university, inclusive of tuition fees and cost of living, can go up to RM100,000 per year. Compare that with the cost of twinning/transfer programmes here in Malaysia, which can go at must up to RM70,000 for the entire course. Whichever programme you choose to do, spending a bit of time in Malaysia before continuing the rest of your degree in Australia can make a big difference in the cost compared to completing all three years there.


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