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Australian Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Australian Branch Campuses vs. Australian Twinning Programmes

Published by Afterschool.my on May 04, 2018, 12:43 pm

Have you thought about doing an Australian degree, but you don’t want to spend all of your time there or to cover the entire cost of living in Australia? Then consider studying in a branch campus or doing an Australian transfer programme! You can spend a portion of your time studying in Malaysia and transfer your credits to an Australian university. But what is the difference between Australian branch campuses in Malaysia and twinning or transfer programmes? What can you receive in one that you may not in the other? 

We at Afterschool.my have the answers to your questions. Whether you want to do a twinning programme or enrol in a branch campus here in Malaysia, we can help you understand the basics, the similarities and differences, and all that jazz. 

What are they?

An Australian branch campus is a university in Australia that has established campuses in countries outside its own, in hopes of delivering the same quality of education—not limited to its syllabus and teaching methods—as received by students in Australia.

There are currently three Australian branch campuses in Malaysia: Monash University in Selangor, and Swinburne University of Technology and Curtin University of Technology in Sarawak.

An Australian twinning or transfer programme on the other hand is offered by a local private university that has formed a partnership with an Australian university, thereby allowing you to complete your degree in one country or both, depending on the chosen programme. At the end of your degree, you will be conferred a degree from that Australian university.

There are several private institutions in Malaysia that offer twinning programmes, such as INTI International University and Colleges and HELP University.

What do they have in common?

1. You will obtain an Australian degree by the end of it

One common feature of Australian branch campuses and Australian transfer programmes is the degree that you will obtain upon completion. Since both branch campuses and twinning programmes are linked with an Australian university, the qualifications you receive at the end of your degree are recognised by the Australian university.

2. You can transfer to Australia for a portion of your degree

Both Australian branch campuses and Australian twinning programmes allow you to transfer to Australia for your studies. In Australian branch campuses, they offer exchange programmes where you can go to Australia for a semester or a year during your degree, as well as transfer programmes that allow you to complete your final year in Australia. Australian transfer programmes also work the same way. After studying in Malaysia for one or two years, you can complete the rest of your degree in Australia.

3. Both are much more affordable than doing your entire degree in Australia

One of the reasons students choose to go to an Australian branch campus or do an Australian twinning programme is because it is considerably cheaper than going to Australian from the beginning of your degree. The total cost of studying in top universities in Australia can go up to RM300,000, while studying in an Australian branch campus or Australian transfer programme here costs less than RM100,000 for the whole degree!

What’s the difference?

1. The institution in which you will be studying

Australian branch campuses are extensions of their main campus in Australia; therefore, the branch campus is directly functioning under the Australian campus. The syllabuses are brought over directly from Australia, typically without any changes except for adding subjects pertaining to the Ministry of Higher Education. The faculty and staff are also commonly brought over from the Australian university, sometimes travelling back and forth between campuses. This is to keep to the aim of branch campuses in maintaining the same quality of their Australian education. In a way, you will be recognised as a student of the Australian university, and obtaining a place in the Australian campus for transfer programmes or postgraduate studies will be easier compared to applying for them as fresh students.

Australian transfer programmes are typically conducted in local private universities that form partnerships with Australian universities. For example, HELP University offers BA (Hons) Information Technology 2+1 transfer programme in partnership with the University of Queensland. While you will be conferred a degree from the University of Queensland at the end of it, the first two years of your studies will be conducted in HELP University in Malaysia. The syllabus during your time in Malaysia has been determined by HELP University, and the faculty and staff are mostly local.

2. The choice of Australian university that you will be transferring to

One of the perks of studying in an Australian branch campus in Malaysia is that you will be able to transfer your credits to most other universities in Australia. As the syllabuses in your first and second year are brought over directly from the Australian university, it would be recognised by most universities in Australia. For example, if you are studying in Monash University Malaysia, you will be able to transfer to most other universities across Australia.

An Australian twinning programme would entail you to choose the Australian university that you want to go to during your transfer right at the beginning of the programme. This is because the local private university has already formed a partnership with the Australian university, and thus you cannot opt to go to a different university when transferring to Australia. For example, if you are studying the BA (Hons) Information Technology 2+1 twinning programme with the University of Queensland in HELP University, you are bound to go to the University of Queensland when in Australia as that is your chosen university from the beginning of the programme.


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